List of Presidents in Numerical Order

Published: 07th September 2009
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The United States president is the highest leader of the US government and is considered to be one of the most powerful men worldwide. The president also serves as the Commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces.

In 1951, after the approval of the 22nd Amendment to the US constitution, an individual is allowed to serve only two terms of presidency. In case the president dies or resigns or is removed from his office, the elected Vice President will assume the presidency.

Here's a chronological or numerical list of US presidents and the years that they served as presidents.

1. George Washington, Independent (1789-1797)
2. John Adams, Federalist (1797-1801)
3. Thomas Jefferson, Democratic, Republican (1801-1809)
4. James Madison, Democratic, Republican (1809-1817)
5. James Monroe, Democratic, Republican (1817-1825)
6. John Quincy Adams, Democratic, Republican/ National Republican (1825-1829)
7. Andrew Jackson, Democratic (1829-1837)
8. Martin Van Buren, Democratic (1837-1841)
9. William Henry Harrison, Whig (1841-1841)
10. John Tyler, Whig/ No Party (1841-1845)
11. James K. Polk, Democratic (1845-1849)
12. Zachary Taylor, Whig (1849-1850)
13. Millard Fillmore, Whig (1850-1853)
14. Franklin Pierce, Democratic (1853-1857)
15. James Buchanan, Democratic (1857-1861)
16. Abraham Lincoln, Republican/ National Union (1861-1865)
17. Andrew Johnson, Democratic/ National Union (1865-1869)
18. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Republican (1869-1877)
19. Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican (1877-1881)
20. James A. Garfield, Republican (1881-1881)
21. Chester A. Arthur, Republican (1881-1885)
22. Grover Cleveland, Democratic (1885-1889)
23. Benjamin Harrison, Republican (1889-1893)
24. Grover Cleveland, Democratic (1893-1897)
25. William McKinley, Republican (1897-1901)
26. Theodore Roosevelt, Republican (1901-1909)
27. William Howard Taft, Republican (1909-1913)
28. Woodrow Wilson, Democratic (1913-1921)
29. Warren G. Harding, Republican (1921-1923)
30. Calvin Coolidge, Republican (1923-1929)
31. Herbert Hoover, Republican (1929-1933)
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic (1933-1945)
33. Harry S. Truman, Democratic (1945-1953)
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican (1953-1961)
35. John F. Kennedy, Democratic (1961-1963)
36. Lyndon B. Johnson, Democratic (1963-1969)
37. Richard M. Nixon, Republican (1969-1974)
38. Gerald R. Ford, Republican (1974-1977)
39. Jimmy Carter, Democratic (1977-1981)
40. Ronald Reagan, Republican (1981-1989)
41. George Bush, Republican (1989-1993)
42. Bill Clinton, Democratic (1993-2001)
43. George W. Bush, Republican (2001-2009)
44. Barack Obama, Democratic (elected in 2009)

43 men have sworn as US presidents and there are 44 presidencies since Grover Cleveland have held the post twice at non-consecutive terms (22nd and 24th). Among the 43 elected presidents, four of them have died in natural causes while still in office, four of them were assassinated, and one had resigned.

George Washington is the first president after a unanimous vote by the Electoral College. The shortest reign as president lasted only at 32 days which was served by William Henry Harrison. Franklin Roosevelt, on the other hand, served the longest term in the presidency. It lasted for 12 years. He's the only president who served more than two terms. At present, Barack Obama is the US president.

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