List of Signs He is Flirting

Published: 16th September 2009
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When you meet a interesting person, you unconsciously show signs that you are interested in the person. On the other hand, when you meet a man who seems to be very interested in you, you start to wonder, is he just being friendly or is he flirting with you? While it is hard to determine the signs of flirting through the man's words, his actions will give you a lot of clues regarding his purpose. Here are the top five signs that he is flirting with you.

1. He adjusts his shirt and his pants.

He wants to look his best when he is with you. This is an unconscious preening gesture. There might not be anything wrong with his clothes but a man automatically smoothens his shirt, tie or pants whenever he sees a woman that he likes.

2. He tries to catch your attention.

This is one of the obvious signs that he likes you. You might not have been introduced to each other yet. And you might just be seeing each other from a distance. He makes exaggerated and sudden movements so that you will notice him. Once he knows that you he had been successful in getting your attention, he moves prepares himself for an introduction.

3. His lips part and his eyebrows rise.

If you wanted to know if a guy is attracted to you right from the start, observe his face. His eyebrows will quickly rise and fall when he first meets or sees a girl that he is attractive to. His lips may also part a bit and his nostrils seem to be more open. This makes his face look wider and more friendly.

4. He touches his face and/or his hair.

This is another unconscious preening gesture. He may touch his chin, his cheek or his ears. He might also ran his fingers to smooth his hair. Again, he wants to look his best and to draw attention to how he looks.

5. He shifts to the cowboy stance.

He tucks his thumbs into his belt or pocket with his fingers pointing downwards. This is the male courtship stance and most men does this when they are with a woman that the would like to impress.

We all have unconscious gestures that give clues on what we think and how we feel. By knowing them, it will be easier to understand the people that you meet and it you can quickly tell if someone is attracted to you.

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