Kenny Leones


List of Presidents in Numerical Order

07th September 2009
The United States president is the highest leader of the US government and is considered to be one of the most powerful men worldwide. The president also serves as the Commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces. In 1951, after the approval o... Read >

How to Cut Down a Tree

06th September 2009
While trees are important parts of the environment and chopping them down wholesale is bad, there are some situations that just necessitate cutting them down. A tree that had been planted in the wrong spot could end up as an unwanted obstruction, or one t... Read >

How to Repair Fiberglass Cracks on Boats

05th August 2009
Discovering fiberglass cracks on a boat is every boat owner's nightmare. Although fiberglass can be considered as a sturdy type of material, cracks cannot be avoided due to the constant stress a boat can encounter on sea. Every year, maintenance costs can... Read >

How to Cook Fresh Polish Sausage

31st July 2009
Polish sausage is one of the types of sausages that are commonly used in dishes that originated in North America as well as Eastern Europe. The cold cuts add savory taste to special delicacies and side dishes. Learning how to cook fresh Polish sausage is ... Read >
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