The Steps in Cutting a Faux Hawk

Published: 20th May 2010
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The Mohawk haircut became popular in the eighties. This hairstyle was popularized by Mr. T, the actor from the television show, The A-team. These days it has become a main stream hairstyle that you can easily ask from your local barber or stylist in a salon.

The Mohawk hairstyle also evolved into a variation called the faux hawk. This is also called a front hawk. The faux hawk means that the hair is cut using the scissors or the clippers only and unlike the Mohawk the sides aren't shaved totally. It is a cut that leaves the center with longer hair. The faux hawk style gives the hair the texture that there are longer hairs and shorter ones.

This is a hairstyle that would still make you fit to go to your corporate job without being ostracized for looking unprofessional at all. This style can be minimized too if the person asking for it wants to have different styles for it. The strip in the center may be longer if desired however it is usually three fourth inches in length.

The things you need to cut a faux hawk are rubber bands, scissors and clippers for the hair, mirror and styling mouse or gel. Cutting a faux hawk can be done alone but it is still ideal to have another person guiding you while you cut it.

1. The first step on how to cut a faux hawk is to know how thick you want your faux hawk to appear. You can utilize the space between your eyes as your guide.

2. The second step on how to cut a faux hawk is washing the hair thoroughly with shampoo. Then letting it dry and then dividing it into three divisions by using the rubber bands.

3. The third step on how to cut a faux hawk is trimming the hair with the scissors. This would make clipping it later on easier.

4. The fourth step on how to cut a faux hawk is cutting away some hairs on both sides of the head by using the clipper, but still avoiding the middle part. You should not shave it totally because this isn't a Mohawk style.

5. The fifth step on how to cut a faux hawk is trimming off the hair on the center part. You should assure that it is longer than the hair you have trimmed off on the left and right sides.

6. The sixth and last step is taking out the rubber bands. You can then style the center hair with some gel and a comb.

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