What is the Best Way to Marinate a Steak

Published: 20th May 2010
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One of the most frequently ordered meat recipes is steak. Fine dining restaurants offer their own version of steak and this is usually what the restaurant becomes known for.

The secret to cooking the best steaks is to start with the best marinade and the right marinating procedures. That way, the flavor of the marinade seeps through the meat and is tasted after the steak has been cooked and sliced.

Some chefs and food experts shared their secrets on the best way to marinate a steak. You may start applying these the next time that you cook steak at home or you can create your own recipe and steps based on this information.

* Use the proper cut
Some chefs know that the quality of the cut can affect how the marinade will incorporate its flavor into the meat. The cut of the steak should be at the right thickness, neither too thick nor too thin. If you are purchasing meats from the market, there are already those that are cut for use when cooking steak.

* Marinate the meat overnight
To make the flavor penetrate the meat, marinate the meat for several hours. If you plan to make a steak for lunch of dinner, it is best that you prepare the meat a day before you cook it. Overnight marinating is recommended. Just place the meat in a plastic container, soak it in the marinade and cover the container.

* Use a meat tenderizer
In addition to the marinade recipe, some people also add a meat tenderizer to make the meat more tender when cutting or biting. Some of the most common meat tenderizers are citrus fruits. These includes lemon juice and orange juice. The acids in the juices help soften the meat and add flavor to the steak. There are also those who use tomato to make the meat softer.

* Buy pre-mixed marinades
If you don't have much time creating and testing your own marinades, your local supermarket has a wide range of mixes that you can use to marinate your dishes. Still, the best way to use these is to soak the meat in them for long hours.

Many fine dining restaurants discovered the right way to marinate a steak and they use this to keep patrons coming back for more. But if you would like to have great homemade steaks, just learn from the experts and you can still cook the best steak for your family. Just spend some time planning and preparing for your next dinner.

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